Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):Single Window Facilitation Portal

The Single Window Facilitation Portal is a one-stop service for New and Existing investors those are planning to invest in Jharkhand from within the state as well as other parts of the country and abroad.

• Interactive system for identifying approvals for setting up of business and starting of business operations.
• Easy access to all information on procedure, timelines, formats etc.
• Comprehensive checklist of all NOCs, licenses, registrations, etc., available online.
• Combined Application Form (CAF)
• Single Sign-On at Single Window portal allows seamless integration of single window portal with the respective department’s portal by eliminating the need of signing in multiple times as well as the need of creating separate login credentials at various department portals.
• Follow up action and coordination between the Government departments and investors.

Investors need to register on the Single Window portal,
• Fill in the required details in the form provided. An email address and a mobile number will be required for the same.
• On clicking on ‘Submit’, an OTP is sent on your mobile number.
• Use the OTP to complete the registration process.
• On registration, investor shall receive an E-Mail as well as SMS confirming the registration.
Once registered, you may apply for individual services of various departments or you may create a CAF for applying for all services relevant to your industry. Thereafter, investors will be able to apply for services of respective departments through the Single Window Portal.

Click on 'Registration' link on the top-right section of the website to register on the portal. Fill in the requisite details and press the submit button. You shall receive an E-Mail and an SMS shortly thereafter confirming your registration. For further guidance, kindly refer to the user manual provided

No. You need to Login/ register on the Single Window Portal only if you need to avail any department’s services. However, you can access all other information (including timelines, procedures, forms etc.) without signing in.

No, there is no fee for registering project with the Single Window Project. Registration is free

Documents of up to 10 MB can be uploaded on the SWFP. However, on the departmental portals, uploads will be guided as per policy of respective portal.

You need to submit the documents in following format:
# Photographs should be uploaded in JPEG or JPG format.
# Documents should be uploaded in PDF format only.

In case your submitted form is under process by any department you will not allowed be to edit and submit the form again till the form is rejected or Query by the concerned department.
In case, you wish to amend the application form, please contact Department of Industries for rejection of online application to resubmit the form.

All the policies of the State Government are available for download from the ‘Policies’ tab on the homepage of Single Window portal. You may refer to them to know the incentives applicable for you.
Jharkhand has also come up with an interactive incentive module, wherein based on your input to a set of questions, the system automatically informs you of the various incentives that are applicable for you.

If you are a new user, you need to register on the Single Window Portal. After successful registration, you may click on 'Department of Industries' link on the homepage to apply for a plot in an industrial area.
Already registered users need to just Sign-In and follow the same steps.

No. With single user ID you can register multiple plots on the portal. Click on ‘Register another Plot’ link on the home page after logging in.

If you forgot your password, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link. You shall receive an OTP on your registered mobile number which will be used to reset your password.

No, you don't need to create separate login credentials for login into portal for services of Department of Industries, Commercial Tax Department, Pollution Control Board and Labour Department, at this moment.
Services if rest of the departments will also be available soon, under SWFP. Then, services of rest of the departments will also be accessible from Single login at SWFP.

Yes, you can use the login credentials created at the Single Window Portal to log on to the respective department’s portal.

No, you cannot use the login credentials of the department portal to log in to Single Window Portal.

No. When you enter your credentials on the department portal, your details will be matched with the details in the Single Window Portal database. If there is a match, ID for login into respective department’s portal will be used for further process

We are in process of automating all services on the Single Window. Meanwhile, if a particular service is appearing to be offline, you may download the application form from the Single window website

Until now, the applicants had to login to different departments by maintaining various usernames and passwords. Thus, availing services was a cumbersome task. Also, an applicant may not know the compliance requirements for setting up or operating a business. An important first step in an effective single window system is the formulation of a Combined Application Form (CAF), which combines the applications for all services provided by the single window system. At the same time, a CAF streamlines the need for entrepreneurs to submit the same information multiple times to multiple authorities.

• Acts as Gateway for availing services from multiple departments
• Can be accessed without logging on to individual departments (Single Sign-on technology)
• Multiple CAFs can be generated by a single applicant depending upon the business/ project specification
• Provides the mandatory approvals for setting up a business and starting of business operations.
• Enhances information availability and creates awareness amongst investors on exact compliance requirements.
• Reduces paperwork because of online submission of applications.

CAF can be accessed from the homepage of Single Window Portal. A set of 18 basic questions shall appear to which inputs need to be provided. Based on your input, the system shall show a list of approvals required for your industry. You may go ‘back’ and edit your response.

After logging into the Single Window portal, click on ‘My Account’.
Select the CAF prepared by you and click on the service name mapped to it to view the status.

The previously created CAF cannot be modified or deleted. But don’t Worry. You may log into the portal using same credentials and create a new CAF based on your new requirements.

Click on ‘Help’ tab on the homepage of the portal and select ‘SOPs’. Here, Standard Operating Procedures of all services of departments are available.

There is a grievance redressal mechanism in place. You may click on the 'Complaints/ Feedback’ link on the homepage, wherein you can file your complaint. Your complaint would be addressed in 24 hours.

Yes, User will have option to view the status of Complaint without logging in. You may click on the 'Complaints/ Feedback’ link on the homepage and click on ‘Check Status’

You may call on the Single Window helpline between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Monday to Friday)

You may use the User Manuals available on the website for walk-through of the processes. However, if you still have questions, you may call on the Single Window helpline number: 0651-6556666 or write to us at ‘’